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Our Committee

Dedicated, Passionate,

Carrying on the "Ubuntu" tradition

Karen Burge

Vice President

“I am the co-founder and Vice President of The Church of Ubuntu and the Manager of our Ubuntu Wellness Clinic in Newcastle. I run the Compassionate Palliative Care program at the Church and support the overall running of the clinic as well as research and support programs.

I strongly believe that it is easier to prevent disease than to treat disease, everything we put in and on our body either feeds wellness or feeds disease, and our health is our biggest asset. 


As a community we are passionate about inspiring people to take their health back into their own hands by making simple lifestyle changes."

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BJ Futter 


” I am the founder and President of The Church Of Ubuntu. Originally from South Africa, I have made it my life mission to carry on the “Ubuntu” tradition as taught by Nelson Mandela and the Archbishop Desmond Tutu.”

BJ is an experienced enthusiastic advocate for a holistic understanding of humans and their place within nature.

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