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Our Committee

BJ Futter 

President, Treasurer & Public Officer

BJ Futter.jpg

BJ is the founder, President, Treasurer and Public Officer of The Church Of Ubuntu. Originally from South Africa, he has made it his life's mission to carry on the ubuntu tradition as taught by Nelson Mandela and the Archbishop Desmond Tutu.


BJ has assisted in the creation of the Ubuntu Wellness Clinic and a number of other independent community based health and wellbeing organisational hubs that promote the Church of Ubuntu vision and mission. He is an experienced enthusiastic advocate for a holistic understanding of humans and their place within nature. 

Karen Burge 

Vice President 

Karen Burge Image.JPG

Karen Burge is a co-founder and Vice President of the Church of Ubuntu and the owner operator of The Ubuntu Wellness Clinic.

She also manages the Hunter Hemp Collective and advocates for Hemp as the solution.


She believes that working together will help us to achieve our vision and goal to set up the infrastructure in Newcastle and The Hunter Valley to grow and process Hemp whilst at the same time creating jobs and the opportunities to become resilient and fully self sustainable in our region against rising global insecurity.


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