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If you are seeking assistance in our clinic simply fill out our INTAKE FORM and our friendly staff will contact you to book an appointment with one of our Client Care Consultants.​

About Our Consultants

Our Client Consultants are trained as Natural Lore Practitioners after successfully completing the Natural Lore Wellness Benchmark Certification training.


The benchmark training, a highly unique 12 module Dynamic Learning Certification for Client Care, was created to ensure that those dedicated to plant medicines gain highly beneficial attributes and skills, to assist those choosing this for their optimum health and well-being. 


It is our ultimate duty of care!


The course was formulated over 10 years, recognised by the distinct need for well qualified, compassionate and dedicated practitioners to join in a professional collaborative field of plant medicine. In this field, the collective knowledge, support and inspiration is shared for the benefit of Clients, Practitioners and the community as a whole.


This Certification recognises and acknowledges a high standard of practitioner-ship on many levels including personal attributes, client care philosophy, applied education, collaborative abilities and a dedication to a life of learning.


This course is by invitation or expression of interest only, and considers natural and learnt attributes, skills and qualities that ensure a high standard of client care is maintained and improved upon.

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The Role of a Natural Lore Practitioner


⦁ To have an innate calling to participate in a new paradigm aligned to preserving the natural world and all that it contains and represents.


⦁ To ensure continued Client Care is of the highest quality and duty of care is paramount within the framework of Practitioner responsibility and Client responsibility.


⦁ To have substantial/recognised experience with holistic health & wellness care or an extreme personal desire to learn and integrate this into existing skills and experience.


⦁ To undertake learning outcomes and assessment benchmarks to remain accountable for maintaining optimum client care and contribute information for the greater/shared learning


⦁ To be informed and inspired by continual learning through direct experience with clients’ process and shared information with fellow practitioners


⦁ Practitioners are not required to have Medical, Science or other standard Qualifications however if these skills are available then these can be positively utilized for individual client care protocols, and also to assist other Practitioners with that particular skill or vocation. 


If you feel drawn to seek assistance to improve your health simply follow the link to fill out intake form and our staff will be in touch. We look forward to taking the opportunity to support you to take your health back into your own hands.

'Doula' in Ancient Greek means 'woman in service'. In our modern times, Doula's are often known to assist in the birth process but a trained Doula is also someone that can provide support for those who are preparing for the end of life process. 

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Qualified Nurse

Medical practitioner with a passion for Natural Healing. Qualified Acupuncture, Remedial Massage and Aromatherapy specialist, as well as. extensive studies in Reiki, Sound therapy, Kinesiology, Iridology, Shiatsu, Nutrition and Mental Health.

Veterans Consultant

An alternative naturopathic approach with plant medicines to specifically help treat Veterans suffering from PTSD, anxiety and sleep disorders. We also aim to provide plant medicines that help alleviate any physical discomforts that are being experienced with a new approach to mental and physical health.

Independent Qualified GP

Dr William Russell Pridgeon

99 Hunter St Newcastle.

NSW Aust 2300

10am to 5pm (Monday to Friday)

Tel: 02 4050 0315


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