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Spring Equinox

The season of spring is upon us here in the southern hemisphere, the season of new beginnings.

Did you know you can take advantage of spring equinox energy to re-emerge from the more reflective and inward focus of winter?

As the snow melts from the snow capped mountains, the autumn winds start to reside, the animals come out of hibernation and begin to breed again. The seeds are sprouting and reaching to the light. The sun is slowly moving towards its full abundance of summer.

The spring equinox falls on this Friday the 23rd of September.

Since ancient times, people have celebrated seasonal transitions as welcome signs of the opportunities the coming seasons would afford them, using nature's energy in ancient practices.

For example, the Earth's energy grounds us while its vibrational frequency (Schummnan's Resonance) entrains our heartbeat, the moon pulls and pushes on the oceans creating tides, and the energy of the sun awakens the life force held within seeds, plants, and animals that lay dormant over the wintertime.

The spring equinox asks us to focus on nourishing our seeds, our intentions, our manifestations as we have spent time over winter to release, rest and rejuvenate. As the sun begins to shine for longer hours, so does our own light and intentions require focus to have the ability to reach our full abundant potential and illumination.

This equinox we can ask ourselves:

What are my intentions for the months ahead ?

What can I do for myself to manifest more light and joy in my life ?

What do I need to release, to allow me to access more abundance ?

Let us reflect on the lessons and experiences of winter and set our intentions for the lighter months ahead.

To honour the spring equinox we recommend spending sometime in nature over this week, immerse yourself in the aromas of the Australian bush or the spring blossoms in your neighbourhood.

Soak up the sun with your eyes closed and feel its warmth radiate through your being, releasing what is no longer serving us down into the earth. Take a few moments to sit in gratitude for this precious gift of life.

The Spring equinox is also a good time to clear clutter in our home or business and detox our body.

Bright Blessings Your Ubuntu Community.

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