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The Red Velvet Superfood

Allow us to introduce our red velvet specialty blend.

This blend can be used as a latte, put into smoothies or your favourite desert or bliss ball recipe.

Organic Red Velvet Latte Blend is a vibrant and nutritious blend of organic beetroot, cranberry and cacao powder.

Beetroot supports optimal liver function, Beets are known to help increase bile production, an important liver function. They can also help to activate liver enzymes which are needed to break down toxins and produce bile.

Beetroot is naturally high in antioxidants and nitrates. Eating beets can help with inflammation of the liver, and protect against the risk of liver damage.

Cranberry supports urinary tract health with anti-bacterial properties that help prevent certain bacteria from sticking within the body and causing urinary tract infections and cystitis

Cacao can enhance cognitive function, boost mental health and reduce oxidative stress with antioxidants. It supports cardiovascular health, metabolic health, and mediates the natural inflammatory response. Cacao is high in minerals magnesium and zinc.

This Blend is perfect for making delicious healthy red velvet-style lattes or adding to smoothies, bliss balls or desserts. Its organic ,GMO free, vegan, and has no added sugar.

You can purchase Red velvet from The Ubuntu Wellness Clinic here

Bright Blessings, your Ubuntu Community

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